Award Winning Ro-buddy

A delightfully simple way to build robots, do home automation and more…

Build custom control apps using your Android Device with simplicity of drag & drop

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Featured on Nibletz

Featured on Nibletz


A limited number of Ro-buddy kits are available for pre-order. Earlybird kits are priced at $99.

What's in the Package?

  • Ro-buddy Microcontroller Board
  • USB connector cable for your Android Device
  • Ro-buddy Android App
  • Ro-buddy API for Raspberry PI

Estimated delivery: August 2014.


Use your Android Phone/Tablet to control


Ro-buddy is a tightly integrated ecosystem for building robots and other gadgets. You can build your own spy-bots, telepresence robots and almost anything that uses motors, sensors, lights and even webcams through an optional Raspberry Pi.

Use an ANDROID smartphone or a tablet to control and monitor the gadgets you’ve built. What’s even better, design the user interface yourself.


Ro-buddy – use your #Raspberrypi and #android device to control robots



 Ro-buddy Android App


Drag and Drop Simplicity


Ro-buddy App allows you to directly control the Ro-buddy Microcontroller board’s I/O pins, A/D pins, motor drivers and monitor the status of the board.

The same app also allows you to create your own unique controller interfaces using built in buttons, widgets and other control/sensor elements including a video streaming widget – just drag & drop.

Simply connect your motors, sensors, LEDs and an optional Raspberry Pi for video streaming, wireless capabilities and advanced functionality. Then interactively build your App interface using the Interface designer. Download your interface to the Ro-buddy board and Start Controlling your Masterpiece!




The Ro-buddy Microcontroller Board (Ro-buddy Board)


It’s an AVR Xmega 128 based board (similar in size to the Raspberry Pi - 8.5cm x 5.5cm) with following features;


Four motor drivers, Built in Intelligent Battery Charger/Monitor, Audio Power Amplifier.

Many other features including;
Separate 5V supply for Raspberry Pi,  10+ GPIO pins (configurable I/O, PWM), 10+ (A/D) Analogue to Digital pins, I2C port and USB port for direct connection to your Android device.


Ro-buddy - Connect your world


What Will You Create?


** The images are for illustration purposes only. Please note that the project is still under development – specifications and final delivery date are subject to change.