About Us

We are a Sydney based technology consortium with a talent pool of diverse expertise ranging from engineering to cognitive sciences and the arts.

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Our Capabilities

We provide consulting  and  Research & Development services for the creative industries, including small and medium enterprises, museums, artists and schools.

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Our Projects

Our projects are as diverse as our team and range from product development to, interactive art, market research and promoting science and engineering at schools.

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About us


Principals of our consortium include mechanical, production and software engineers, cognitive scientists and roboticists. In addition, we have close working relationships with key technology researchers and institutions in the Sydney region. We also have ongoing collaborations with prominent international media and performance artists rounding off our approach to services offered. 


The seed was planted somewhere in 2009 when the co-founders met for the first time working on a cutting-edge research program at the cross roads of Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cognitive Psychology and the Arts. We realised then that complex problems are better solved by multidisciplinary teams. More holistic and insightful solutions could be developed with such teams compared to teams of similar background working on the same problem. What we didn’t realise was, however, building such a team is an excruciatingly painful exercise that takes time and effort. It  takes perseverance and people with the right attitude, professionalism and temperament to come together to form such a team. Having worked for over four years together delivering a number of groundbreaking projects, we are very confident that we have succeeded. And you can have access to our collective expertise to solve your problem.


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Our Services


With a collective professional and academic experience spanning over 30 years and most parts of the world (US, Europe, Asia and the Sub Continent) with our work discussed in the mainstream media, we’re in a position to take on new and challenging projects that fit the broad umbrella of what is known as the creative industries. We take on projects related to technology and data that requires creative problem solving and analysis.

We provide consulting services to individuals (especially independent artists and the creative kind), small and medium enterprises, museums, art galleries and schools. Organisations and individuals who do not have access to sophisticated research and development capabilities and technologies of much larger, well resourced organisations stand to benefit immensely from our collective talent pool. We like to form collaborative partnerships with organisations that have an open minded and creative approach to projects and problem solving.

Most projects we undertake are related to technology and data analysis and in the following realms;


Project management
Documentation (Grants + Briefing)
Independent project evaluation
Tailored workshops and training
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Interactive systems
Algorithm development
Advanced sensing
Mobile robotics
Industrial robotics
Automation and control systems
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Data analysis

Data reduction and interpretation
Research design (qualitative + quantitative)
User studies
Market research
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Data Analysis

We provide data analysis services for the SMEs – if you are not sure how to interpret your market research data or conduct market research in your domain, we are more than happy to lend you a hand (or brain, to be precise). We can provide tailored solutions for your data analysis problems. We have more than 30 years experience in handling complex data sets in psychological, linguistic, computer vision and robotic research among us.

Full-scale market research is often forbiddingly expensive for small and medium businesses. However, for most companies it is usually easy to survey a subset of their existing or potential customer base with respect to a few questions in which they are interested. But how to design the survey that the results are not biased? How to determine in a statistically correct way whether the differences found in the sample are due to chance variation or reflect true preferences in the underlying population. We can help you with the design of questionnaires or suggest other means of obtaining preference ratings and we can run the proper statistical inference test for you. We will summarise the statistical output and tell you how it should be interpreted.


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