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Smart, affordable, collaborative robots are the next wave of disruptive technology. They are able to augment human capability and increase productivity without the price tag of large-scale automation. They are flexible and they can start working for you almost immediately. You can now test drive one of world’s most advanced interactive robots through our Hire-a-Robot program or better yet hire us to work with you to custom develop a solution for your needs. We have over a decade+ experience and expertise working on cutting edge robotic R&D. Write to us to arrange a free consultation with one of our engineers – possibilities limited only by your imagination.

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2015 | Human Centered Robotics

We are a multi-award wining multidisciplinary team working in research & development in areas as diverse as robotics, cognitive sciences and the arts. In 2015 we’re streamlining our operations to concentrate on Robotics, an area we’re most passionate about.  Contact us if you’d like to know more, get us to help solve a problem for you,  join the team or invest with us. Our old website lives here.

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